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Be Patient with yourself!!

Be Patient with yourself!!

Patience is one of the most important qualities to develop. It’s also one of the most difficult quality.Be patient with yourself is a skill  and we don’t pick up this Quality overnight.Many singles never acquire this quality. They’re continually frustrated with their slow rate of improvement.

All of us move forward at different speeds..We’d all like to be perfect. We’d all like to avoid the embarrassment. We’re often harder on ourselves than we are on other people. Have some Compassion and it is begins at home. You don’t accomplish anything worthwhile by running yourself down.

So It’s  better to make slow and steady progress rather than go too fast .

I personally feel that being patient is ability to tolerate and persevere when things get tough. It is the ability to keep calm and think clearly in times of need. But generally speaking it is the ability to wait without becoming anxious. it’s a thing to have to lead a successful life



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