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Mr. O.P. Gupta Principal Maheshwari Girls Public School, Jaipur

Mr. O.P. Gupta Principal Maheshwari Girls Public School, Jaipur

CREDENT :  How do you think have the changes in education system impacted the students? (in regard to CCE)

O.P. Gupta :CCE has undoubtedly revolutionised the School Education System.  It has inspired pupils to think judge and act independently.  Albert Einstein, in one of his deliberations at Albany, U.S.A., had said that the aim of Education is to chisel a harmonious personality and what better can serve aiming such a dream than this system of CCE.  A child now knows it is not only capability of learning by rote that weighs but my mettle will be put to test as I participate in topic-oriented activities – be it preparation of a chart, model, role play (enactment), quiz etc.  CCE has widened the educational horizon, encouraging a child to confront challenges of life as lessons are imparted based on real-life experiences and explore varied arena.  CCE has moulded the future global citizens ready to take over the world and everything in their stride.

CREDENT : How aware do you think the students are about the various career options that they can opt for?

O.P. Gupta: I have no qualms in admitting that the School has left no stone unturned to keep our girls abreast of the multifaceted professional dimensions.  The mgpians are not restricted to the constrained, clinched concepts of the age-old career options but are opting for roads less travelled but still a lot remains to be done especially for academically-soft pupils who dream of making it big but might not be able to catapult themselves to enviable heights if we do not cater to their intrinsic potentialities by career-counsellors, who can render their expertise for their career enhancement.

CREDENT : How do you plan to promote co-curricular activities in your school?

O.P. Gupta: Co-curricular activities should always go along side the Curricular activities.  Catch them young should be the Mantra.  A wider platform to ensure maximum participation will bring out their hidden merits to the forefront.  The talent hunts have to be extensive and thorough or intense.  Polishing the uncut diamonds is not an individual obligation, the faculty members need to take up this as a whole.  Let’s reach to each and all of them.

CREDENT : Are there any behavioural changes that you have noticed in students lately?

O.P. Gupta : Aping of Western Culture possibly has taken its toll on the etiquettes of the students of late.  A rebellious streak marks their gesture; gait a gift of the gab.  Excessive peer pressure or a torturously demanding society might also be responsible for a student’s tendency to vent out his/her ire or wrath by using risqué lingo, indulging in bullying others, extracting pleasure in defiance.  Until and unless we take up the onerous ones of removing victory stands and evaluating them not for their endeavours but solely for their accomplishments they will continue to look back in anger.

CREDENT : Do you plan to make any infrastructural changes in your campus in near future?

O.P. Gupta: Yes, I intend to develop Language Labs (both English as well as Hindi), fitness centre for girls, small photography room and a swimming pool.  All these I believe will equip us with aces up our sleeves so that we can arm our powerful and serene girls to traverse miles in a more confident way.

CREDENT :      What would be your message to our readers?

O.P. Gupta:     Assuming that it’s a message to be conveyed to the readers, I would with all humility entreat them to sit back and soak themselves diving deep into the ocean of literary excellence penned by the budding literary prodigies but they have kept their hearts open in their figments of imagination.  Bon Voyage into the World of Creativity.



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