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Help people even you know they can’t help you back…

Help people even you know they can’t help you back…

Helping others without expecting back is the true helping. I  always help where I can.You can give your time too. Helping shouldn’t be about expecting something in return. It’s a gift to help others. It doesnt matter how much people talk me out of helping those who can’t help back. You will also always help where you can.. Help someone else and expect nothing in return and see how it impacts your life. And something interesting will happen – you’ll end up seeing benefits in your personal and professional life . Some People only want to extend a hand if they can leverage it into a new opportunity– even charity work is also done for personal or profit purposes.

As someone who helps others without keeping track of who can help you and how, you’ll build invaluable relationships. You never know which of these relationship or connections will become a major influence in your personal or professional life..



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