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History Exhibition : Facts & Creativity (Tagore Public School, Shastri Nagar)

History Exhibition : Facts & Creativity (Tagore Public School, Shastri Nagar)

The History Department of Tagore Public School, Shastri Nagar organised an Exhibition on March 20, 2018, corroborating 20 models depicting Pre-Historic, Ancient & Medieval Periods of World History. The models made by 35 students were based on Vijyanagar Empire, Medieval Irrigation Facilities, Harappa & Mohen-Jo-Daro Civilizations, Monuments of India, Sanchi Stoop, Mesopotamian Civilization & Egyptian Mummification.

The main attraction of the program was the dramatic presentation of the process of mummification in which students informed the audience about the most common practice of Egyptians which is based on the belief that dead bodies should be protected from possession by souls through preservation in form of mummies.  Students explained the three step process which included removal of internal organs, dehydrating the body and wrapping it in strips of linen cloth. One such example is the Pyramid of Giza which contains the mummified body of Khufu Pharoah which is also considered as seventh wonder of the world.

The creative efforts of the students in exhibiting the facts of history were highly appreciated by the History Experts, Panel of Judges, School CEO- Dr. Ruchira Solanki & parents as they found it very interesting and innovative.



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