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Lacking women education in India

Education is the basic right of not only men but also of women and if we look around the society, there are still some percentages of women, which are far away in the race of education. There are many villages and small cities, which gives not much emphasis on women’s education. Here are some of the major barriers, highlighted in order to improve the level of women education in India-

  1. Women Security- With the increasing corruption, every women demand complete security. Girls cannot go to school 1 km away from their home alone due to lack of security. They do not find themselves safe anywhere. Thus, this fear do not let them to open their wings any fly independently to make their dreams come true. Therefore, women security is the major concern to raise literacy level of women and let them play to take the nation’s reputation to the higher level.
  2. Conservative Mentality- There are still such families in India following the old ritual of marrying their daughters at very early age and they are forced to do household works, which keeps them at low standard in society and this ritual is generally followed in villages.
  3. Unawareness- Less educated or uneducated women are still unaware of their rights in society. They say that, if a man is educated than, only a single person in family is educated and if a woman is educated than, whole family is educated. Therefore, in order to remove this barrier of unawareness from society each village and district should give complete focus by making its people aware by performing road shows and other awareness programs.
  4. Mortality rate- Still I n India, birth of girl child considered inauspicious. Still many people, kills girls just after their birth. Hence, mortality rate of girls is not getting a full stop. There is a gap between ratio of men and women of birth. On 1000, men there are 940 women and the reason is increasing death rate of girl child.
  5. Gender Bias- Indian’s are major gender bias they still find men is stronger than women in society. If there are two boys and two girls in family than both the boys are given education whereas girls are forced to be at home and household works. Literacy rate of men is 82.14% while literacy rate of women is 65.46% only. Kerala is the only state in India, which has highest rate of women literacy, compared to others states.

These points are not just for discussion but serious measures should take place to remove all these barriers from the society. Society should give women’s open space to live independently and make their own identity.




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