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Mrs. Rita P. Taneja, Principal, SV Public School, Jaipur

Mrs. Rita P. Taneja, Principal, SV Public School, Jaipur

Teachers Day brings back nostalgic memories of my own school days and brings images of teachers sparing no effort to explain world wars, grammar, formulae, trigonometry, their speech, blackboard flow charts all come gushing to enliven me and drive in me the happiness of being a “Teacher”.
I cherish every moment of my existence because of the profession, God has destined for me, each celebration in school enthuses me with life and with Inspite of all daily challenges gears me up to rise up to the occasion and reminds me the great responsibility of developing excellence among my students which I have to lead them on, so they achieve their dreams and rise up us worthy citizens of the world.
With changing times the teachers have taken a step back by becoming one of the sources of knowledge. The teachers have to take up the challenge and put more heart and soul into their classroom curricular transaction and keep the fabric of human values by developing life skills in their students.
I wish all teachers realize the influence they have on their students and what one good teacher can do to transform the life of a student for better or worse.
 Thanks and Regards
Rita P Taneja



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