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SRN International School regulated SRN MUN-2017

SRN International School has organized SRN MUN’17 on November 24 and 25 where student delegate will be discussing National and International affairs. The opening ceremony took place in the open auditorium of SRN International School at 9:00 a.m. The Chief Guest of the occasion Mr. Pawan Kumar Pareek National Secretary of Vipra Foundation,Vice President of UNESCO club, Guest of honor  Mrs Manisha Bharadwaj who i  Manager of Chanakya IAS Academy and special guest for the occasion  Mr. Poonam Chandra Bhandari an advocate in Rajasthan High Court and an activist in public interest and Chairman of the school Mr. Ravi Shankar lighten the lamp amidst Vedic chanting articulated by the students of SRN International School.

A round 150 Students from schools of CBSE, Rajasthan Board and colleges will be participating as delegate of different countries to discuss various agendas.

The chief guest of the occasion in his speech expressed that today’s youth can rebuild the nation with their innovative vision and new idea the guest of honor Mrs. Manisha Bharadwaj inspired the students with her speech to be aware what is going around the world .

At SRN MUN 2017 the delegates of different countries grabbed the  platinum opportunity to hone the skill of debate,group discussion, planning, decision making on global issues like ‘Protection of women and children in warzone areas’ in UNHRC- committee and they also discussed the policies of refuge and their rights.

Delegates also have their country’s stance through GSL, moderate caucus and immoderate caucus about ‘Developing Consensus on strategic disarmament in GA-DISEC committee. In UNSC committee delegates supported and came up with some solutions for changes and reforms in UNSC. Here the delegate of France and other non permanent countries supported the reforms while Russia was reluctant to share the veto power with new members countries. In AIPPM Committee the debate was about ‘Insurgency in Kashmir with reiewing Article 370 and 35A of Indian constitution’ .

 Winners will be felicitated with the cash prize and all the participants with a souvenir. The event is held under the leadership of Chairman of the School Mr. Ravi Sharma, Retd. IFS.

The school Principal Ms. Usha Sharma eulogized in her speech that with this experience at SRN MUN2017, every delegate  will become representatives of the United Nations. Student ambassadors will be charged with building a better understanding of the Organization — what it is, what it does and what it can do. And they will assume this responsibility at a crucial period in the life of the United Nations. Every day and on a wide range of issues, our Organization is expected to deliver in new and better ways. She expressed that they entered this Hall as junior delegates and they will leave as ambassadors! She wished all a most stimulating flourishing and victorious conference.



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