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Technological changes in education system

Technological changes in education system

In education system technological change is the invention of a technique or the continues process of improving technology that is when technology gets better day by day it results in technological changes which modify education system.

There are some of the most influential changes, which raised the graph of technology in present system of education and they are as follows-

  1. Use of computers and laptops- Now we have computers and internet and it completely make sense to invest in infrastructure full of technology. Instead of wasting money on building attractive institutes it would be better to choose correct option for the coming youth.
  2. Online learning opportunities- It has now become much easier to get enrolled in university situated far away that is it enables students to access courses from school sites.
  3. Diploma courses- Diploma courses are provided to many students who have dropped out and are ineligible to complete graduation from universities and colleges for any specific reason.
  4. Blended learning- Provide both face-to-face and online learning programs.
  5. Assistive technology- It is one of the most effective technology which time has given us. It enables disable students to do things quickly and easily. It can be of low cost also.
  6. Learning through projectors- In order to clarify the concepts of students clearly teaching with the help of projectors is much in demand these days.

In 21st century it is very hard to find schools and colleges without computers and laptops. 80% institutes are connected to Internet. Teachers, who are in their comfort zone with use of this technology, use it in right way by searching useful activities for the enlistment of students and to communicate with other members of the staff.

Technology has given a lot to its users. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Quality of education has improved a lot.
  2. Accuracy
  3. Distance learning opportunities.
  4. Technology advancement leads the world to prosperity.
  5. Grade system has lesson the burden of negative impact on students.

If the implementation of technology is not done with proper planning than it may result in the waste of time and money. If proper planning is made before implementing the technique and keeping parents updated with a technology newsletter than it can help the institutes to let the technology reach their students efficiently because learning with technology is often teacher centered rather then student centered. Thus technology changes the world smoothly.




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