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Whatever You Are, Be A Good One!!

Whatever You Are, Be A Good One!!

  It doesn’t matter whether you are the Teacher, a nurse, surgeon , mom, a chef, or a corporate executive, do what you do with as much passion as possible – Be A Good One.. When you give your all, you get a lot more in return. We are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and neighbors. be good at what we do, to be successful and skilled. No matter what job you have, be proud to say you give it your best. This is a great motto to live  given by the “Abraham Lincoln”. Be the best at what you do, and take pride in it!. We should always be proud of our work performance, and make it an example of integrity. It means to put all your effort in something if you choose to commit to it.No matter what happens, No matter how far u seem to be away where u want to be, never stop believing that u will somehow make it.



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