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Maintaining A Right Proportion

School is the only place where each child learns about all the functionalities of life. Most of the schools are oriented towards providing an environment, which is emphasized towards academics and other sectors are neglected, as they really does not exist. Due to the strict curriculum prescribed by NCERT many schools have started adding one physical education period and value education class but, other than this most of the schools are not offering any other sports activity for their students after school hours. Apart from this students have also bound themselves with tuition classes and other classes that they are also not able to devote their time on sports activities frequently.

Its just the sports day where each students is involved in any sports activity and in that too most of the students are seated on the sidelines in the form of spectators. The whole scenario has led a negative impact on the overall development of a student. Parents, students and management team of schools must consider the measures by which they can keep students engage in any of the sports activity in an efficient manner. A research conducted in states of Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh depicted that in district level tournaments only 38 percent of the total schools in a particular districts were taking part from past five years.

This ratio was due to the inappropriate sports facilities that majority of the schools have in the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It was also stated that the 88 percent of these schools were private schools that were taking part in sports activities at district level. Most of the government schools lack in proper sports aids and trained teachers to blend the skills of students. If government schools are seeking to have a revolutionary change in the teaching structure they need to focus on providing high class sports facilities and trained coaches to the students so that it can help them in grooming in the other areas of their life too.

Parents and teachers should also encourage students to devote a particular amount of time in sports activities so that it will help them in developing skills like team work, hard work, dedication, and will also help them in keeping their body active and fit. It is good to emphasize more on academics but now schools should realize that in order to prepare a student perfectly for the outside world and hurdles maintaining a right proportion between sports and academics is necessary.

Why Critical Thinking Is Necessary For Students

Most of the students are confused when they are asked about how well they are at critical thinking. Most of the teachers and students are involved in discussing about critical thinking but only few are their who actually work on critical thinking. When we talk about prominent competitive exams critical thinking is that one X factor that most of the aspirants lack within them. The major issues about critical thinking is that most of the trainers lack in defining the right definition of critical thinking, teaching the students the right methodology for developing their critical thinking skills and the places where the students will be required to showcase their critical thinking skills.

To develop the roots of critical thinking and grow it higher in a positive direction, it is necessary that the buds of critical thinking should be poured in the elementary level of education. This will help the students to develop the right methodology to analyze information when they will come to middle and higher school level where this skill is required at higher level. It is also observed that learning is done through making efforts but in case of critical thinking one has to put extra efforts of intellectual capabilities and therefore most of the trainers and students find the task of critical thinking unpleasant.

The more efforts teacher will put in lower and middle level the less efforts they will need to put at higher level. A better way to inculcate critical thinking is to teach students about how things have occurred not just why things have occurred. This methodology will give students a deeper understanding of how to analyze things in a better way and will give them a sense of giving a new thought about same circumstance. Another way of imposing critical thinking is to teach lessons throughout all disciplines by using the tool of questioning and analysis of both data and sources.

The various activities required for developing critical thinking can be done using routine instructional time period, in house discussions, alternative classes for monitoring the performance of students, and one on one direct question and answer sessions. The role of a teacher is very crucial in developing critical thinking, they need to be in the role of facilitator that encourages open ended discussions. At last the encouragement of free thought process is the key to develop such skills and must be promoted in a right way.




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